Jacun Pitor   Parete del chiostro interno
Ingresso   Centro storico di Cividale
Piazza delle ''donne''   Palio di San Donato

LOCALE STORICO Friuli Venezia Giulia  Cividale Longobarda, patrimonio UNESCO
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he Al Monastero restaurant was opened in 1990 by Giuseppe Pavan.
The old building has a terracotta statue, a bas-relief below a niche where there used to be a work of art telling of its history. Indeed, Darko, availing himself of the existing document, according to which the building was left by testament to the confraternity of Santa Maria dei Battuti by Jacopo Giacuzzo in the 16th century, made a modern copy of this artwork. It depicts Saint Thomas, protector of the borough, Saint Donato, protector of the town and Our Lady of the Battuti leaning against an oak with seven branches, representing deeds of mercy.

It was an important reference point for the people of Cividale led expertly by the mythical Tilde, Tite and Dina when, in the early 20th century, the building was still called La Speranza: a place of games like the famous cotecio; of pranks, jokes and pantomimes (the very successful process), of proverbial drinking sessions by the fireplace but most of all of famous dinners of hunters, groups of regular customers or simply friends, within the walls frescoed by Jacun Pitor.

An it was Jacun Pitor himself, a wanderer from Nimis, who told the tale of these adventures in his naïve ...
He had blue eyes and a smiling face, and went from village to village with his modest art and his modern possessions: a pannier, a bucket and an umbrella. With the exception of blue he made his colours himself, mainly using plants, gathered expertly, and with bricks, chalk and stones that he ground into powder and mixed in a little pot...