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LOCALE STORICO Friuli Venezia Giulia  Cividale Longobarda, patrimonio UNESCO
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n the heart of town, the Al Monastero Restaurant has cosy little rooms, each with their own unique features.

At the entrance there is a bar where glasses of wine, mostly from our farm, are served.

The room with the typical fogolar furlan (fireplace), still used during winter months.
The room with the fresco of Bacchus, the wise God of Wine.

The inner courtyard is charming too. It was restructured in 2000 and is used on warm summer evenings for candlelit dinners.

After crossing the courtyard you come to the rooms furnished in Friuli country style, which are used for ceremonies, special occasions and at Christmas time, as well as for business dinners in the intimacy of a separate, cosy room.

Below are listed some of the traditional dishes featuring in our restaurant:

  • As antipasto:
    Montasio Strudel
  • As a first course:
    Cialcions (pasta) Al Monastery style
    Maltagliati (pasta) with Duck Sauce
  • As a second course:
    Tournedos Al Monastero style

    The menu is cleverly presented, always taking account of the seasons.